Community members who organize with GES Coalition

More than 200 families have participated in GES Coalition activities, and more than 75 community members have participated in Coalition leadership roles since 2016. More than 25 coalition members currently meet for monthly coalition meetings, more than 60 community members have participated in GES Coalition community trainings, and more than 40 block captains have finished training and community projects.

A core work group of GES block captains meets multiple time a week with GES Coalition organizing staff to build collective capacity, guide coalition strategy, strengthen partnerships, organize advocacy campaigns, and plan collective research and action. ​GES Coalition supports the development of community organizing and training to build collective solutions, community practice, and institutional changes to support neighborhood-driven need.

United for a New Economy (UNE)

UNE (then known as FRESC) has been active with GES community organizers since February 2015, and have been key partners since the foundation of the "anti-displacement" coalition in August 2015, was a key supporter in the community survey beginning in April 2016, and co-writing and publishing the community survey report during 2016-17. UNE became the fiscal sponsor of the GES Coalition in July 2017.


United for a New Economy (UNE) is a grassroots organization of everyday people working together to advance our values of respect, equity, human rights, people power and democracy as we advocate for local, state and national laws and policies that builds a new economy that works for everyone. Organizing families, youth, workers, seniors, unions, immigrants, communities of color, refugees and faith leaders, UNE Action will build power in their communities in a way that not only delivers important wins but transforms the entire future.

Project VOYCE

Project VOYCE has worked closely with community organizers and community members since the co-founding of "anti-displacement" coalition in  August 2015. Many adult members of the GES Coalition have high school age children active in Project VOYCE. Both organizations have collaborated to organize Block Captain trainings for youth (Project Voyce) and adults (GES Coalition) in the GES and surrounding neighborhoods since 2016.


Project VOYCE's mission is to develop future leaders in underrepresented communities by training, employing, & organizing youth to work on real life school and community challenges today. Project VOYCE envisions a world with diverse leadership for a more just and equitable society. Our mission is to develop future leaders in underrepresented communities by training, employing, & organizing youth to work on real life school and community challenges today. Project VOYCE's programs aim to dismantle barriers to fair representation through youth development, youth employment, and youth organizing.

Colorado Community Land Trust

The Colorado Community Land Trust (CCLT) has been a partner with GES Coalition since January 2017. CCLT and the GES Coalition announced their partnership goals in July 2017, to bring a Community-driven Land Trust to the GES neighborhoods starting with a 10 unit demonstration project in 2018.


CCLT is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2002 with the mission of creating, and preserving in perpetuity, affordable home ownership opportunities for moderate income individuals and families. Originally called the Lowry Community Land Trust, CCLT initially focused on the redevelopment of the former Lowry Air Force Base. In 2006, we expanded our service area to include the entire Denver metro area

Grounded Solutions Network

GES Coalition has contracted Grounded Solutions Network during 2017 to build community and partner capacity to launch a Community-driven Land Trust serving low-income families vulnerable to displacement in the GES neighborhoods.


Grounded Solutions Network is supporting strong communities from the ground up. We work nationally, connecting local experts with the networks, knowledge and support they need. Grounded Solutions Network helps promote housing solutions that will stay affordable for generations so communities can stabilize and strengthen their foundation, for good. Our mission is to cultivate communities — equitable, inclusive and rich in opportunity — by advancing affordable housing solutions that last for generations.

Brothers Redevelopment

GES Coalition has been working with Brothers Redevelopment since October 2017.


Brothers Redevelopment is a Denver-based nonprofit organization that provides housing and a variety of housing-related services for the region’s low-income, elderly and disabled residents. To fulfill its important mission, Brothers Redevelopment works to grow sustainable revenue streams, develop advantageous alliances and create a compassionate and sustainable organization.

Clinica Tepeyac

Clinica Tepeyac has been an active partner of community organizers and community members with the GES Coalition for years, and was a co-founder of the "anti-displacement" coalition in August 2015. The GES Coalition meets at Clinica Tepeyac office spaces for the monthly coalition meetings, and are grateful to Clinica Tepeyac for the generous use of community space. 


The mission of Clinica Tepeyac is to provide culturally competent health care and preventive health services for the medically underserved. We envision a healthy community. The people we serve understand that health care is regular and ongoing. They are healthier and their children are healthier. There are fewer people in emergency rooms receiving routine care. As we can expand our reach and bring cultural competency into the community, we are able to help more people live healthy lives. 

GroundWork Denver

GroundWork Denver has been an active partner of community organizers and community members in GES for years, and was a founder of the "anti-displacement" coalition in August 2015, was a key supporter in the community survey beginning in April 2016, and have been key partners of GES Block Captains since October 2016.


Collaborating . . . Transforming . . . Taking Action. Groundwork Denver improves our environment and promotes health and well-being through community-based partnerships and action.

The GrowHaus

The GrowHaus has been a partner of community organizers with GES Coalition since 2013, and was a co-founder of the "anti-displacement" coalition in August 2015, and a supporter in the community survey beginning in April 2016. GES Coalition meets occasionaly at GrowHaus, and is grateful to GrowHaus for the generous use of community space.


The GrowHaus is a nonprofit indoor farm, marketplace and educational center in Denver's Elyria-Swansea neighborhood.  Our vision is a world where all communities have the means to nourish themselves, and our mission is to create a community-driven, neighborhood-based food system by serving as a hub for food distribution, production, education, and economic opportunity.

Focus Points Family Resource Center

Focus Points has been a partner of community organizers with GES Coalition since 2014, and was a co-founder of the "anti-displacement" coalition in August 2015. GES Coalition staff rent office space at Focus Points and regularly hold meetings at Focus Points, and are grateful to Focus Points for the generous use of community space.


The mission of Focus Points is to help build better communities by strengthening families. Focus Points' goals are to provide specialized programming and support that help low-income, Spanish-speaking families become self-sufficient, enjoy an enhanced quality of life, become able to fully participate in their communities and to support their children in gaining the skills they need to be ready for school.

The Denver Foundation

The Denver Foundation has been a key partner of GES Coalition, supporting Coalition organizing work in GES since February 2016, and has supported community organizers and community members active in GES Coalition for years.


The mission of The Denver Foundation is to inspire people and mobilize resources to strengthen our community. Since 1925, The Denver Foundation has helped generous people like you to be catalysts for good by building charitable legacies. As Colorado's oldest and largest community foundation, we help people give back to Metro Denver in ways that are meaningful -- to them and to the community. The Denver Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Mile High Connects

Mile High Connects has been a key partner of GES Coalition, supporting Coalition organizing work in GES since September 2016.


We believe in creating paths to opportunity through local transit. The mission of Mile High Connects is to ensure that the Metro Denver regional transit system fosters communities that offer all residents the opportunity for a high quality of life.

Kaiser Permanente

​Kaiser Permamente has been a key partner of community organizers in GES since 2012.


Kaiser Permanente has been a Kaiser Permanente exists to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve.

Colorado Health Foundation

The Colorado Health Foundation has been a key partner of GES Coalition, supporting GES Coalition Block Captains since August 2016.


Our vision is across Colorado each of us can say: “We have all we need to live healthy lives.” Our belief

is that health is a basic human right. Our mission is to improve the health of Coloradans.


Colorado Trust: A Health Equity Foundation

Colorado Trust has been a key partner of GES Coalition, supporting the development of a Community-driven Land Trust in GES since August 2017.


Our mission is advancing the health and well-being of the people of Colorado. Our vision is that all Coloradans have fair and equal opportunities to lead healthy, productive lives regardless of race, ethnicity, income or where we live.

Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver

Habitat for Humanity has been an active partner with community organizers and community members in GES Coalition since the foundation of "anti-displacement" coalition in August 2015.


Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver was established in 1979 by a group of passionate volunteers. These volunteers worked tirelessly to fundraise, acquire land, select families and manage all of the logistics to build the first Habitat homes in Denver. Since then, Habitat Metro Denver has become one of the largest affiliates in the U.S., celebrating the construction of our 600th home in 2016.

Valdez Perry Library

​The Valdez Perry Library and staff are strong community partners of the neighborhoods. The core work group of the GES Coalition meets as the Valdez Perry library each week, and are grateful to the Valdez Perry Library for the generous use of  community space.

The Denver Public Library connects people with information, ideas and experiences to provide enjoyment, enrich lives and strengthen our community. Our vision is an inspired and engaged Denver.

Delwest ParkHill Station Apartments

​Delwest ParkHill Station and staff are strong community partners of the neighborhoods. The GES Block Captains meet at the ParkHill Station each week, and are grateful to Delwest for the generous use of community space.


Delwest is a progressive property development and redevelopment company specializing in
multi-family affordable and market rate rental properties, single-family homes, property management, rental income portfolios and redevelopment of distressed real estate.

The Hoop Institute

GES Coalition contracted the Hoop Institute to provide comprehensive Process Evaluation of coalition goals, including development of coalition members, staff, partnerships, and block captain activities. 


The Hoop Institute conducts research on several areas that are essential to a stable community life. These areas include health, education, housing, economic development, safety and the environment. The Hoop Institute is committed to working with communities to identify solutions to the problems that continue to have an impact on oppressed people. The Hoop Institute is designed to provide communities with the knowledge, resources, and support they need to become healthy and independent. The Institute promotes self-determination and empowerment by offering inner-city neighborhoods a socially conscious education and sharing our research findings on a variety of critical issues.

Community Language Cooperative

GES Coalition organizers and community members have relied on Community Language Cooperative for interpretation needs at community meetings since 2014.


The intent of the Community Language Cooperative is to empower its translators and interpreters to utilize their bilingual abilities to help others and obtain a fair wage for their services. The majority of interpreters are women and this job opportunity allows for them to utilize their unique talents and bring depth of conversation critical to community development, and a more inclusive society.

My Nanny Solution

GES Coalition organizers and community members have relied on My Nanny Solution for childcare needs at community meetings since 2014.


My Nanny Solution was founded in 2014 as a worker-owned cooperative – a business democratically owned and operated by the childcare providers. We started the co-op to be able to do the work that we love, while also to create living wage jobs to provide for our own families, since we are all mothers ourselves.

YTD Bookkeeping Services LLC

YTD Bookkeeping Service has supported GES Coalition community organizers and community members since 2014.

Our mission is to help our clients accomplish their goals by providing a premier quality of accounting, bookkeeping, tax and any related business service. Personal attention to every client is critical to a shared success. We constantly strive to provide exceptional service while promoting an dynamic work environment that is rewarding professionally and personally to all employees.

Birdseed Collective

Birdseed Collective has been has worked with community members in Globeville for a long time, and been a strong supporter of community organizers with the GES Coalition since 2012. 

Birdseed Collective is a nonprofit community outreach organization that is dedicated to improving the socioeconomic climate of Denver, Colorado through innovative arts and humanities offerings. To be Denver’s most reputable leader in integrating artistic creation with economic improvement, while serving as the preferred partner for artists throughout their creative process in pursuit of their altruistic goals.

Interfaith Alliance of Colorado

Interfaith Alliance of Colorado envisions a pluralistic civil society in which people and communities of faith uphold and contribute to diversity, respect, justice, and opportunity for all. Through connecting and building relationships between people of multiple faiths, The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado drives social change toward human rights, equality, and opportunity for all people. Interfaith Alliance of Colorado promotes justice, religious liberty, and interfaith understanding through education, advocacy, and relationship building.

Right To The City Alliance

GES Coalition has been a member of of Right To The City Alliance since 2016.


Right To The City Alliance (RTC) emerged in 2007 as a unified response to gentrification and a call to halt the displacement of low-income people, people of color, marginalized LGBTQ communities, and youths of color from their historic urban neighborhoods. We are a national alliance of racial, economic and environmental justice organizations. Through shared principles and a common frame and theory of change, RTC is building a national movement for racial justice, urban justice, human rights, and democracy.

Comal: Heritage Food Incubator

GES Coalition occasionaly holds trainings, workshops and meetings at Comal:Heritage Food Incubator, and is grateful to Comal for the generous use of community space. Several community members active with GES Coalition have cooked in Comal Kitchen.


Comal Kitchen is a heritage food incubator in partnership with Focus Points, a non-profit that serves families in the Globeville and Elyira-Swansea neighborhoods. Its goal is to provide skills in culinary arts and business to a cohort of women- many originating from Mexico, El Salvador, and Syria - to maintain and celebrate their traditions through entrepreneurial ventures.

Denver Food Rescue

Denver Food Rescue (DFR) has worked with community members active in GES Coalition since 2014.

DFR uses the sustainable method of bicycle power and an amazing volunteer crew to save good produce from grocery stores, farmers markets, and distributors that would otherwise be thrown away. We then redistribute it to directly to organizations that work with food insecure communities. Better yet, the programs are managed by the communities and residents themselves

Northeast Transportation Connections

The mission of Northeast Transportation Connections is to work with the public and private sectors to reduce single occupant vehicle travel, to improve mobility, and to establish sustainable transportation throughout the northeast Denver area by creating, supporting, and promoting an array of transportation options for commuters, residents, students, and visitors.

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