1. November 6-8, 2017 - More than a dozen residents complete third community capacity building trainings with Grounded Solutions Network.

    2. November 1, 2017 Swansea and Globeville Block Captains meet with Project Voyce youth leaders

    3. October 24, 2017 Third training of Swansea Block Captains begins.

    4. October 11-12, 2017 - GES Coalition and Habitat for Humanity support 6 resident leaders to attend and present as panelists at Housing Now Conference in Vail, Colorado

    5. October 3, 2017 More than 25 residents and partners completed an economic power mapping for the neighborhood, facilitated by DU professor Hava Gordon.

    6. September 29, 2017 - GES Coalition calls out Mayor for not following through with putting anti-displacement measures front in center in letter to Mayor, City Council and 23 partners of Housing Advisory group signed by 21 community members of GES Coalition

    7. September 20, 2017 GES Coalition,, Denver Food Rescue, ?? and Bruce Randolph started weekly program for 2017-18 school year to provide healthy food for afterschool sports programs

    8. September 20, 2017 - Nature Conservancy, Garden Place Academy, Globeville Civic Partners, GroundWork Denver, GrowHaus and GES Coalition planted 50 trees at Garden Place Academy

    9. September 19, 2017 - More than 25 community members attended the City of Denver’s Housing Forum at Bruce Randolph school

    10. Garden Place Gourmets, an afterschool youth cooking and gardening youth group started 8 week program with Globeville Block Captain leaders September 2017

    11. August 23, 2017 GES Coalition formalizes coalition ground rules and membership requirements

    12. August 2017 - Swansea Block captains held two block parties during Denver Days.

    13. Six residents participated with more than a dozen youth leaders from Project Voyce July 2017

    14. Resident members of GES Coalition held more than two dozen research actions with city council, state reps, developers, CDC’s, councils and stakeholders since July 2017

    15. Second group of six Swansea Block Captain training completed July 2017

    16. July 18, 2017 - GES Coalition calls out Mayor with housing survey report and press release and formally announces the formation of the GES Coalition, and announced partnership with Colorado Community Land Trust to incubate a CLT in GES.

    17. July 18, 2017 - Swansea Block Captains collaborated with Immigration Attorney Arturo Jimenez to offer an immigration workshop at Focus Points Family Resource Center

    18. July 11-13, 2017 - More than a dozen residents complete a second community capacity building trainings with Grounded Solutions Network.

    19. June 29, 2017 Eight resident members of GES Coalition held silent protest at City of Denver’s Housing Forum, and held an improv roundtable with HOPE Director Erik Solivan and Councilman Espinoza in the hallway to the cafeteria at North High School

    20. GES Coalition funds garden coordinator at Garden Place school garden since June 2017

    21. May 18,  2017 - 9 community members attended Mayor’s Housing Summit

    22. Supported Clinica Tepeyac to sign up 10 residents in 5K race May 2017.

    23. May 6,  2017 - Organized with Swansea Block Captains and volunteers from GroundWork Denver, 20 volunteers picked up 2 dumpsters and 15 mattresses and 1300 lbs of TVs and electronics removed from four alleys in Swansea

    24. May 3-5, 2017 - More than a dozen residents complete first community capacity building trainings with Grounded Solutions Network, a national technical assistance provider for communities developing Community Land Trusts, funded by Mile High Connects.

    25. GES coalition supported Birdseed Collective and Comal for 40th and Colorado mural event April 2017

    26. First of current & ongoing  resident driven monthly GES coalition meeting, started April 2017.

    27. Ten Swansea Block Captains completed Block Captain Training with GES Coalition March 2017

    28. GES Coalition supported Clinica Tepeyac and GrowHaus with Health Promotoras March 2017

    29. Denver Foundation and Mile High Connects fund  GES Coalition organizing work February 2017

    30. More than 10 resident GES Coalition members met with Burlington Associates, Urban Land Conservancy, and Zocalo developers to explore feasibility of a CLT in GES February 2017

    31. GES Coalition hired high school junior from Bruce Randolph to design website since January 2017

    32. Globeville Block Captain begins First classes of Garden Place Gourmets begins at Garden Place Academy, weekly for 8 weeks from December 2016 - January 2017

    33. Globeville Block Captain works with CIty of Denver to replace street lights December 2017

    34. Ten Globeville Block Captains completed Block Captain Training w/ GES Coalition December 2016

    35. GES Coalition supported Comal: Heritage Food Incubator to fund community entrepreneurs since October 2017

    36. Six residents attended Grounded Solutions “Community Land Trust” National Conference in Park City Utah, with support from Denver Foundation and Urban Land Conservancy September 2016

    37. More than 20 resident members gave testimony and organized a press conference at the City and County to support City Council to do more with 625 and 626. September 2016

    38. GES Coalition supported Rapids Recreation Soccer team at Swansea school and Garden Place Academy during the 2016-17 school year.

    39. GES Coalition supported Focus Points Family Center to sponsor a weekly Zumba class at Swansea Rec Center during the 2016-17 school year

    40. GES Coalition and more than a dozen partners and residents completed a political power mapping facilitated by John Goldstein August 2017

    41. GES Coalition, supported by Urban Land Conservancy with guest Tony Romano from Right to the City/ Homes for All presented “Arc of Justice” to more than 25 residents June 2016

    42. First of five community meetings with more than two dozen residents to talk about gentrification in the neighborhood, the effects of displacement and the ongoing  housing survey May- Sept 2017

    43. More than 35 residents and 10 partners help knock on 1500 doors and talking to 500 neighbors about housing and gentrification April- July 2016

Nine neighborhood nonprofits decided to support resident-driven work to address anti-displacement strategies and begin planning a canvass with funds from Mile High Connects March 2016