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GES Coalition for Health and Housing Justice is a group of resident leaders, community organizers, community organizations, and an organized group of Block Captains from Globeville and Elyria-Swansea who have spent the last two years developing these Eight Shared Community Values for Health and Housing Justice.

Please take a minute to read the community-developed values, add your name in support, and share widely with your community. If you would like to support the GES community's work to advocate for a Community-Driven Land Trust, please download our Advocacy Ask, and get in touch today.

Shared Community Values for Health and Housing Justice 

December 2017

Development without Displacement

1. Development without displacement is a sustainable strategy that Denver should pursue with the highest urgency at all levels of economic development.


2. Public and private investments create conditions of widespread displacement, and should be justly mitigated proportionate to the size and impact of the investments. 


Make the Connection Between Health and Housing 

3. Conditions, affordability, accessibility and availability of housing is interconnected with all aspects of family and community health.


4. Keeping families in their homes is the most urgent priority for preservation of community life, neighborhood culture, and community health.


Build Community Partnership from the Start

5. Communities can build capacity to become long-term partners in stewardship of community assets, including land and housing.


6. Long-standing neighbor to neighbor network of relationships is a resource that organized communities and community groups can leverage collectively.


Incubate Community-Driven Land Trusts 

7. Investments in affordable housing should be made in perpetuity through Community-driven Land Trusts, when possible.

8. CLT's are held accountable by the communities they serve through community selection of representation to hold majority of seats on the CLT's board of directors.

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